The first of its kind of formulation indicated in the management of Metabolic Acidosis associated with Chronic Kidney Disease. The enteric coating of SOBISOFT® & SOBISOFT®-DS provides the clinician an edge over conventional sodium bicarbonate tablets while treating CKD patients and may reduce the belching, bloating and other side effects associated with conventional sodium bicarbonate tablets. Sodium Bicarbonate also is used to increase urinary pH in order to increase the solubility of certain weak acids (e.g., cystine, sulfonamides, uric acid) or in the treatment of haemolytic reactions requiring alkalinisation of the urine to diminish the nephrotoxic effects of blood pigments. Sodium Bicarbonate(SOBISOFT®) is also used in the treatment of severe diarrhoea accompanied by substantial GI bicarbonate loss and as an add on therapy in the treatment of hyperkalaemia to induce the cellular uptake of potassium and return the ratio of intracellular to extra cellular potassium concentration toward normal.
Blister pack of 10 tablets of SOBISOFT® in one strip and 10 strips in a box
Blister pack of 10 tablets of SOBISOFT®-DS in one strip and 10 strips in a box.
SOBISOFT® : Each Enteric Coated SOBISOFT® Tablet contains Sodium Bicarbonate U.S.P. 500 mg
SOBISOFT®-DS : Each Enteric Coated SOBISOFT®-DS Tablet contains Sodium Bicarbonate U.S.P. 1000 mg.
SOBISOFT® and SOBISOFT®-DS is indicated in the treatment of metabolic acidosis, normalisation of systemic, gastric and urinary alkali levels and as replacement therapy in severe diarrhea.
The treatment of metabolic acidosis varies depending upon the biochemical parameters of patients and dosage of Sodium Bicarbonate ranges from 325 mg to 2000 mg  Once a day to Four times a day. The cumulative dosage of Sodium Bicarbonate in certain conditions goes up to 16000 mg or 16 grams per day.
SOBISOFT® & SOBISOFT®-DS may prevent dose dumping in stomach which can improve GI tolerance in CKD patients
SOBISOFT® & SOBISOFT®-DS helps in delaying the progression of Chronic Kidney Disease.

The information given above is for general awareness and by no means intended to be seen as medical advice or replacement of medical advice. Please consult your health care specialist for medical advice.

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